sfbin bins traces with irregular spatial sampling to a regularly sampled 3-D cube.

The following example from sep/precon/cube shows the output of binning a common-offset seismic cube which corresponds to the following distribution of common midpoints Optionally, sfbin can also output the fold map (using fold= parameter). The fold map shows the number of input traces in each output bin. Parameters that control output grid sampling are nx=, dx=, x0= (for the second axis), ny=, dy=, y0= (for the third axis). Alternatively, one can specify the range values xmin=, xmax=, ymin=, ymax=.

By default, the range is determined from the input trace coordinates. The input trace coordinates can be specified in an auxiliary trace header file (head= parameter), where x and y coordinates are given in keys number xkey= and ykey= (0 and 1 by default).

By default, nearest-neighbor binning is applied. Alternatively, it is possible to use median binning by specifying interp=0 or bilinear-interpolation binning by specifying interp=2.

By default, the output values are normalized by the fold. To switch fold-normalization off, use norm=n.

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