Month: April 2006

RSF/Madagascar on Windows using SFU

April 27, 2006 Systems No comments

RSF has been successfully ported to Windows NT using Microsoft’s Services for UNIX:

screen shot.

Many thanks to Dave Hinkley for help and for sharing his expertise.


April 19, 2006 Celebration 7 comments

RSF is a meanigless abbreviation that nobody can remember. We do need a better name for the package. I suggest Madagascar and can justify it scientifically.

I had a brilliant idea to look up RSF in the international airport codes. It turns out that there is no airport with RSF as the code. However, there is RSE (Sydney Rose Bay in Australia) and RSG (Serra Pelada in Brazil). Logically, RSF must be in between. The exact geographical center between RSE and RSG, with the high probability of being in the middle of the ocean, happens to fall on the island of Madagascar. Madagascar will be easy for everyone to remember because of the movie. We can use one of the island’s unique creatures (lemur, tenrec, fossa) for the logo. Madagascar is a symbol of isolation, which is a reminder of what RSF does not want to be. Comments?