Month: July 2006


July 28, 2006 Programs No comments

By popular demand, vplot2eps is now a separate script.

bash$ vplot2eps 
Usage: $RSFROOT/bin/vplot2eps [options] file.vpl [file.eps] 

Converts vplot to encapsulated postscript. 
[options] are passed to pspen.


  • To convert EPS to PDF, use epstopdf.
  • To convert EPS to PNG or GIF, use pstoimg (supplied with latex2html) as follows:
bash$ PAPERSIZE=ledger pstoimg file.eps -out file.png [-type png -interlaced -antialias -crop a ...]
  • You can also try vplot2gif, which is capable of generating animated GIFs (requires additional programs).
  • pstoedit can convert EPS to other vector formats.

New madagascar logo

July 23, 2006 Celebration 1 comment

As designed by Scott Rodgers at BEG. If you have opinions or suggestions, please let us know.

Beardsley’s principles

July 15, 2006 Systems No comments

Reginald Beardsley formulates seven design principles for a modern seismic processing system:

A modern production seismic processing system must satisfy several conflicting goals:

  • It must make efficient use of an ever changing, heterogeneous computing enviroment.
  • It must be easy to locate the appropriate modules from a large number of choices.
  • It must be easy to modify and test existing modules or write new ones without adversely impacting other users.
  • It must be impossible to run the system with invalid or incomplete input and easy to identify the parameters required by a module, what allowable values are and the significance of the parameter.
  • It must be possible to reproduce within roundoff error all operations on any data, at any time, even years later.
  • Unwanted or unexpected interactions between system components must not take place.
  • It must be possible to construct the system with limited resources.

To read more or to participate in the discussion, please subscribe to the RSF-user mailing list.

Spectral factorization

July 13, 2006 Documentation No comments

Another old paper has been added to the collection of reproducible papers:


July 11, 2006 Examples No comments

Just for fun… sffern computes “fractal ferns”. See an example in rsf/rsf/fractal and an animated gif.

Checking parameters

July 10, 2006 Examples No comments

It its now possible to check parameters for Madagascar programs in SCons flows using CHECKPAR option like this: scons CHECKPAR=y <target> Here is what happened when I first ran an example from rsftour:

bash$ scons CHECKPAR=y 
scons: Reading SConscript files ... 
No parameter "n2" in sfwindow 
Failed on "window n2=10 min1=0.4 max1=0.8"

After fixing self-documentation for sfwindow:

bash$ scons CHECKPAR=y 
scons: Reading SConscript files ... 
No parameter "nc" in sfwiggle 
Failed on "wiggle transp=y poly=y yreverse=y pclip=100 nc=100 allpos=n "

Fixing that one requires changing the SConstruct file.

CHECKPAR is an experimental option and will be enhanced in the future to include parameter ranges and other safety checks. Another useful option is TIMER.

Wiki fun

July 8, 2006 Documentation 2 comments

Several new wiki pages appear now on the web site:

The last three are latex2wiki (scons wiki) conversions of the earlier LaTeX documents.
The last one also uses a new feature of sfdoc, which can now output

  • command-line selfdoc (by default)
  • fancy HTML pages (sfdoc -w)
  • LaTeX documents(sfdoc -l)
  • MediaWiki-formatted documents (sfdoc -m)

Please feel free to edit, expand, and correct the wiki pages. Have fun.

SEGTeX moves to SourceForge

July 6, 2006 Documentation No comments

SEGTeX, a LaTeX package for geophysical publication, has found a new home on SourceForge.
The new central web page is (redirected).
If If you have been using Subversion to access the package before, please run

svn switch --relocate

once inside the top directory. To obtain an upload permission for “svn commit”, please register with SourceForge and send me your username.

Spectral velocity continuation

July 5, 2006 Documentation No comments

Another old paper has been added to the collection of reproducible papers: