Month: September 2006

More fractal fun

September 24, 2006 Examples No comments

Just for fun… sfmandelbrot computes the famous Mandelbrot set. See examples in rsf/rsf/fractal.

Zooming in, one can explore different fractal patterns inside the set.

Documenting implementation

September 22, 2006 Documentation No comments

Some of the sections in the incomplete Guide to Madagascar programs include now brief comments on the program implementations. This is a humble attempt to penetrate the documentation deeper from the interface to the implementation level as an aid for developers. Any help or feedback is welcome.

Practical velocity continuation

September 16, 2006 Documentation No comments

Another old paper has been added to the collection of reproducible papers:

./configure; make; make install

September 13, 2006 Systems No comments

If you are used to installing open-source software from source, running

make install

is almost a matter of habit. Now you can do that with Madagascar as well. A simple configure script checks the installation of Python and SCons (installing the latter if necessary), sets environmental variables, runs scons config, and creates a Makefile. This setup is experimental and will get tested before appearing in the next stable release.

Vancouver presentations

September 7, 2006 Documentation No comments

Selected presentations from the highly successful School and Workshop in Vancouver are now available online.