Month: June 2009

Line lengths in Madagascar

June 21, 2009 Systems No comments

Having a known maximum source code line length is a very useful thing. This way, code fragments can be automatically included into other kinds of media without breaking formatting rules. Coding standards for most large, established software projects (either open-source or proprietary) explicitly mention line length.
However, what is a good line length limit? The 80-character limit is very widespread, but how does it compare to what peoples have naturally been writing? To find out, I used a little Python script (adm/ to count line lengths for various types of files in the Madagascar code base. Pictures follow below, for all source code files (including SConstruct files) and the most prevalent file types. To my surprise, the 80-character threshold is quite relevant, and it might be worth having it as an explicit coding style suggestion on the wiki, to help new contributors!


June 10, 2009 Celebration No comments

A new stable release of madagascar is yet another step toward the first non-beta version (madagascar-1.0). It features new reproducible papers and many other improvements. The cumulative number of downloads for all stable versions has reached 5,500.


June 6, 2009 Programs No comments

oglpen is a new “pen” contributed by Vladimir Bashkardin. It displays Vplot files using OpenGL and GLUT and can serve as a replacement for xtpen.

vpconvert is a script for converting Vplot files to other formats (EPS, PS, PDF, PPM, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, MPEG, AVI, SVG). You can use it for converting one file

bash$ vpconvert file.vpl file.jpg

or a collection of files

bash$ vpconvert format=tiff Fig/*.vpl