Month: June 2006


June 26, 2006 Documentation No comments

A new documentation command scons wiki translates a LaTeX source into a MediaWiki formatted file.
An example: RSF Installation Instructions were generated by running scons in book/rsf/rsf/ directory. The latex2wiki script is primitive but will be extended later as more files get translated.

madagascar-0.9.3 released

June 23, 2006 Systems No comments

New release madagascar-0.9.3 is out. The changes are mostly in configuration to enable compilation on different platforms. No need to upgrade unless you have had installation problems. Thanks to Naoki Saito (UC Davis) for feedback.
The installation was tested with the help of Sourceforge’s Compile Farm service. This release was verified to compile successfully on the following Compile Farm platforms:

  1. x86 – Linux 2.6 – Debian 3.1
  2. x86 – Linux 2.6 – Fedora FC2
  3. x86 – FreeBSD 5.4
  4. AMD64 – Linux 2.6 – Fedora Core 3
  5. Power 5 – Open Power 720 – SuSE Enterprise 9
  6. Sparc R 220 – Sun Solaris 9
  7. x86 – OpenBSD 3.8
  8. x86 – Solaris 9 (both with gcc and with Sun’s cc)

Madagascar: overview presentation

June 23, 2006 Documentation No comments

These slides give an overview of the recently released Madagascar software. They contain information regarding:

  • Madagascar, SCons and Python main features
  • Madagascar data format
  • Madagascar architecture
  • Madagascar functions and their self-documentation
  • Madagascar levels of usage (command line, SConstruct processing flows, and documentation)
  • how to write your own Madagascar functions (C, C++, Matlab, Python, etc.)
  • useful Madagascar links

Enjoy and do not hesitate to give me your feedback!

Mailing lists and madagascar-0.9.1

June 18, 2006 Celebration No comments

Release early, release often…” A new release, madagascar-0.9.1 contains a number of bug fixes in vplot pens and in configuration on Mac OS X and Linux (thanks to Jim Jennings).

Two mailing lists: RSF-user (for Madagascar users) and RSF-devel (for Madagascar developers) are setup for old-fashioned e-mail discussions and announcements. Please subscribe if interested.

Stable version released

June 10, 2006 Celebration No comments

It has finally happened!

  • RSF/Madagascar was publicly announced today in Vienna, and a stable version was released on Sourceforge.
    The stable version has vplot pens (vppen, pspen, xtpen, and ppmpen) integrated to make Madagascar a self-contained package. The vplot part may contain some bugs and is a temporary solution at best because of the licensing issues. Thanks to Joe Dellinger for permission to use his codes and for helping to integrate and test them!
  • Please check out the RSF Camp web page. A registration form is provided. The School and workshop program will be added in July.

RSF moves to SF

June 6, 2006 Celebration No comments

In preparation for the glorious public release at the EAGE workshop on open-source software, Madagascar finds a new (and hopefully permanent) home at Sourceforge. Its brand new web page is (note: moved to in October 2008), and the Sourceforge project page is

If you have been accessing codes in the Subversion repository, please cd to your installation and run

svn switch --relocate

Your svn program should be compiled with SSL support in order to access an https URL. Please register with Sourceforge and send me your account name if you would like to be added to the developer list.