Month: December 2005

Conjugate Gradients

December 21, 2005 Programs No comments

sfconjgrad is a new program for a generic conjugate-gradient least-squares inversion. A short description of it has been added to the RSF programs guide.

FFT sizes

December 17, 2005 Programs No comments

Update on FFT sizes: sffft1, sffft3, sfcosft, and some other programs that use FFT, now pad the data to the nearest optimal size.

RSF program guide: sfreal and sfimag

December 13, 2005 Documentation No comments

A section on sfreal and sfimag has been added to the RSF programs guide.

Keeping processing history in headers

December 7, 2005 Programs 1 comment

Following a suggestion from James Rickett, I have redesigned RSF I/O to keep complete processing histories in RSF files. Please let me know if this causes any troubles or if you get other suggestions.

How does one plot 1-D irregular data with sfdots?

December 6, 2005 FAQ No comments

sfdots cannot handle irregular data at the moment. However, you can plot regular data with holes. See an example in rsf/rsf/sfdots.

Zero a portion of a dataset based on a header mask

December 3, 2005 Programs No comments

sfheadercut is a new program for header-based zeroing of traces in RSF files. It is related to sfheaderwindow in the same way sfcut is related to sfwindow . A short description has been added to the RSF programs guide.
This program is based on Gilles Hennenfent’s applymask.