The Geophysics instructions to authors state

Preferred formats for production are Microsoft Word and LaTeX, in that order.

Never mind the order. If you use LaTeX, you are not alone. According to SEG staff, half of submitted papers use LaTeX, including papers from many of the SEG editors. The SEGTeX package has been downloaded from SourceForge more than 5,000 times. Here are some useful trips for producing a Geophysics paper with SCons and rsf.tex:

1. If you don’t use Madagascar for your computations but would like to use the SCons setup for papers, you can download and install the madagascar-framework Python package.

2. To prepare a paper called article.tex for submission, put

use rsf.tex

in you SConstruct, then run scons article.pdf to produce the manuscript or scons to display it on the screen. If your paper is named paper.tex, you can also put the options in


and use simply scons pdf and scons read. See the wiki documentation for more options and explanations.

3. Submit your paper by login into ManuscriptCentral.

4. After your paper goes through a round of revisions, you will be asked to prepare and submit both the new version and the revised version with the revision clearly marked. Use \old{} and \new{} macros to mark your changes, as shown in the example. You can produce both PDF files from once source using something like

use rsf.tex

Command('article-revised.tex','article.tex','cp $SOURCE $TARGET') 
Paper('article-revised', options='manuscript,revised')

5. When submitting the final version, you will be asked to submit the LaTeX file that includes bibliography. If you use BibTeX, do the following:

  1. Run scons article.pdf
  2. Open article.ltx in an editor and replace the line \bibliography{} with the contents of article.bbl.
  3. Submit article.ltx.

6. When submitting the final version, you will be asked to submit high-resolution figures in EPS format. Run scons article.figs to generate figures suitable for submission.

7. Geophysics may insist that the labels on the vertical axis in your Madagascar plots should run horizontally, rather than vertically. To comply with this bizarre requirement, you may need to regenerate your plots using parallel2=n option.

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