Month: June 2019

Program of the month: sfslice

June 12, 2019 Programs No comments

sfslice extracts a slice from the data given by a curve (in 2-D) or a surface (in 3-D).

The right plot in the following example from gee/prc/bob shows the semblance extracted using sfslice from the semblance scan along the trajectory picked with sfpick.

sfslice does not have parameters other than pick=, which points to the file with the surface for extraction.

It performs a simple linear interpolation to extract the values.

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June 6, 2019 Programs No comments

sfbargraph is a new plotting program for displaying data as bars.

The bottom plot in the figure below shows a simple example from rsf/rsf/sfnoise.

The unique parameters of sfbargraph include width= for controling the relative width of the bars and stack= to control if the bars from multiple input traces should be stacked on top of one another.

The other parameters are shared with other plotting programs.