Month: August 2017


August 24, 2017 Celebration No comments

The major new release of Madagascar, stable version 2.0 was made during the Madagascar school in Shanghai and features 25 new reproducible papers and significant other enhancements including complete examples of seismic field data processing.

According to the SourceForge statistics, the previous 1.7 stable distribution has been downloaded nearly 12,000 times. The top country (with 28% of all downloads) was USA, followed by China, Brazil, Germany, and Columbia.

2017 Madagascar Schools

August 24, 2017 Celebration 1 comment

The 2017 Madagascar School on Reproducible Computational Geophysics took place in Shanghai, China, on July 10-11 and was hosted by Professor Jiubing Cheng at Tongji University.

The school attracted nearly 80 participants from 12 different universities and 5 other research organizations. The program included lectures given by 6 different instructors and hands-on exercises on different topics in the use of the Madagascar software framework, as well as presentations sharing experience of different research groupd. The school materials are available on the website.

Earlier this year, on April 21-22, another school took place at the University of Houston and was hosted by SEG Wavelets, the local SEG student chapter. The school materials are available on the website.