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SEGTeX is a LaTeX package for geophysical publications. It consists of

  • LaTeX2e class files for Geophysics papers, SEG expanded abstracts, etc
  • BibTeX style files seg.bst
  • BibTeX cumulative bibliography of geophysical publications SEG.bib
  • latex2html customizations


Access SEGTeX through its SourceForge project by downloading the latest stable release.

Alternatively, access the current working version by either using Git and running

git clone 

or using Subversion and running

svn co texmf 

You can also browse the GitHub repository.


If your LaTeX installation is missing/incomplete, try installing TeX Live first.

To install, put the contents of the texmf folder where LaTeX can find it. Most systems recognize $HOME/texmf as one of the default places. On MacOS X, it can be $HOME/Library/texmf. You may need to run texhash to tell LaTeX about the new files. For more help on texmf, see “Private” installations of files.


Some of the required additional LaTeX packages are:

  • natbib support for (author,year) bibliography style of natural sciences

Download and Install SEGTEX on Mac

cd $HOME/Library
git clone 
sudo port install texlive-latex-extra

SEG expanded abstracts

SEGTeX includes segabs.cls -- a LaTeX class for generating SEG expanded abstracts. Alternatively, you can download segabs-2015 -- a packaged expanded abstract template.

To generate an expanded abstract without references, as required by SEG, use two LaTeX files: one for the abstract itself, and the other for separating pages without references. Examples are segabs_example.ltx and segabs_final.ltx


This solution only works with pdflatex.

Alternatively, you can separate pages using an external program.

  • In Acrobat Pro, open the PDF file with referenes, select Document -> Pages -> Extract, and extract the reference page with the delete option (thanks to Norm Bleistein for the tip.)
  • Another useful program is pdftk (PDF toolkit.)


The tex/latex/seg directory contains several example files.

Use the manuscript style to submit papers to Geophysics.

Tips and tricks

  • Equations, citation commands, etc don't work inside \old.

Enclose citations in \mbox: Instead of \old{wrong citation \cite{wrong}}, use \old{wrong citation \mbox{\cite{wrong}}}.

Enclose equations in \parbox or minipage: Instead of

\old{wrong equation
2*2 = 5


\old{wrong equation \\
2*2 = 5


\old{wrong equation \\
2*2 = 5

\parbox seems to work better with \eqnarray.

Thanks to Brad Artman and James Gunning for reporting this problem.


The SEGTeX development is discussed at the SEGTeX mailing list maintained by Joe Dellinger.

Reproducible papers

SEGTeX is used in the Madagascar package to produce reproducible research papers.

See a presentation on LaTeX and Web tools from the RSF School and Workshop, Vancouver 2006.

LaTeX references


  • 07/04/2006 SEGTeX moved to SourceForge
  • 07/07/2006 version 0.8 released
  • 10/26/2006 version 0.8.1 released
  • 10/27/2006 version 0.8.2 released
  • 12/11/2006 version 0.8.3 and segabs-2007.1 released
  • 03/15/2007 version 0.8.4 and segabs-2007.2 released
  • 04/03/2007 version 0.8.5 and segabs-2007.3 released
  • 04/20/2008 version 0.8.6 and segabs-2008.1 released
  • 04/27/2008 version 0.8.7 and segabs-2008.2 released
  • 05/16/2008 version 0.8.8 released
  • 06/07/2009 version 0.8.9 and segabs-2009.1 released
  • 03/09/2011 version 0.9 and segabs-2011.1 released
  • 03/23/2013 version 0.9.1 and segabs-2013.1 released
  • 03/11/2014 version 0.9.2 and segabs-2014.1 released
  • 03/06/2015 version 0.9.3 and segabs-2015.1 released
  • 07/28/2015 SEGTeX repository moved to GitHub
  • 03/07/2016 version 0.9.5 and segabs-2016.1 released
  • 09/05/2018 version 0.9.6 released
  • 08/31/2021 version 0.9.7 and segabs-2021.1 released
  • 10/12/2021 version 0.9.8 released