2008 Implementation Workshop

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The workshop took place over the Memorial Day weekend, from Fri May 23 to Mon May 26, at the Geophysics Department of Colorado School of Mines, in Golden, Colorado.


From left to right, in the picture:

  1. Paul Sava (CSM)
  2. Joe Dellinger (BP)
  3. Sean Ross-Ross (UBC)
  4. Jim McClean (PGS)
  5. Sam Brown (U of Utah)
  6. Ioan Vlad (StatoilHydro)
  7. Yang Liu (UT Austin)
  8. Michael Tobis (UT Austin)
  9. Sjoerd de Ridder (Stanford)
  10. Paul Murray (UT Austin)
  11. Jules Browaeys (UT Austin)

Not in the picture: Peter Traynin (ExxonMobil)


The intended "deliverables" of this meeting were:

  • A stronger geophysical open-source community
  • A short-term Madagascar road map, created by discussing, extending, and prioritizing the feature request list
  • A real move towards version 1.0

The community was indeed strengthened by participants getting to know each other.

The second goal was not only fulfilled, but far exceeded. Not one road map was created, but as many road maps as participants.

The real move to version 1.0 was done by Joe, who completed vplotdiff, allowing automatic testing. Joe also played a crucial role in clarifying and solving the IP issues created by Madagascar containing some code from 1994 versions of SEPlib and vplot. In the correspondence that followed, the copyright holders and Stanford University's Office of Technology Licensing have agreed to release the code under GPL (for the portions of SEPlib used) and LGPL (for vplot).

There were other achievements as well. Bugs in vplot were fixed, documentation was created, and the source code tree was partly redesigned.