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Sergey Goldin drew my attention to the role of curvature dependence in reflected wave amplitudes (Goldin and Fomel, 1995). I also acknowledge the support of Alexey Stovas, who introduced me to the world of DMO and collaborated with me on developing the asymptotic theory of offset continuation (Stovas and Fomel, 1996). Norman Bleistein collaborated with me on confirming the amplitude validity of offset continuation (Fomel and Bleistein, 2001; Fomel et al., 1996). Shuki Ronen and Richard Bale pointed out the importance of the log-stretch domain in DMO and related problems. I appreciate the encouragement of Jon Claerbout and Fabio Rocca regarding the analysis of the offset-continuation partial differential equation.

The financial support for this work was provided by the sponsors of the Stanford Exploration Project.