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Madagascar tutorial: Field data processing

Maurice the Aye-Aye


In this tutorial, you will learn about multiple attenuation using parabolic Radon transform (Hampson, 1986). You will first go through an example that explains the process step by step. You will be asked to change some parameters and add missing few lines. In the next part of the tutorial, you will be asked to apply the same workflow to another CMP gather. The CMP gathers used in the tutorial are from the Canterbury data set (Lu et al., 2003). By the end of this tutorial, you should have learned to:
  1. apply NMO and inverse NMO for a CMP gather,
  2. apply forward and inverse parabloic Radon transform,
  3. design a mute function that preserves multiples in the Radon domain,
  4. subtract multiples from the data,
  5. create a semblance scan for a CMP gather.