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Writing a report

  1. Change directory to the parent directory
    bash$ cd ..
    This should be the directory that contains tutorial.tex.
  2. Run
    bash$ sftour scons lock
    The sftour command visits all subdirectories and runs scons lock, which copies result files to a different location so that they do not get modified until further notice.
  3. You can also run
    bash$ sftour scons -c
    to clean intermediate results.
  4. Edit the file paper.tex to include your additional results. If you have not used LATEX before, no worries. It is a descriptive language. Study the file, and it should become evident by example how to include figures.
  5. Run
    bash$ scons tutorial.pdf
    and open tutorial.pdf with a PDF viewing program such as Acrobat Reader.

  6. If you have LATEX2HTML installed, you can also generate an HTML version of your paper by running
    bash$ scons tutorial.html
    and opening tutorial_html/index.html in a web browser.