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Definition of LOMOPLAN in 3-D

Three-dimensional LOMOPLAN is somewhat like multiple passes of two-dimensional LOMOPLAN; i.e., we first LOMOPLAN the $ (t,x)$ -plane for each $ y$ , and then we LOMOPLAN the $ (t,y)$ -plane for each $ x$ . Actually, 3-D LOMOPLAN is a little more complicated than this. Each LOMOPLAN filter is designed on all the data in a small $ (t,x,y)$ volume.

To put the LOcal in LOMOPLAN we use subcubes (bricks). Recall that we can do 2-D LOMOPLAN with the prediction-error subroutine find_lopef() [*]. To do 3-D LOMOPLAN we need to make two calls to subroutine find_lopef(), one for the $ x$ -axis in-line planar filters and one for the $ y$ -axis crossline filters. That is what I will try next time I install this book on a computer with a bigger memory.