Matplotlib is a popular Python library for 2D plotting, which emulates (and exceeds) the plotting functionality of MATLAB.

At the Madagascar Working Workshop in 2018, a couple of new scripts were added to simplify plotting with Matplotlib in Madagascar.

  • sfmatplotlib can be used to plot RSF files.You can use it as follows:
    sfmatplotlib <matplotlib function> <plot options> [format=eps] < inp.rsf [ > out.eps] 

    Without the standard output, the figure is displayed on the screen.

    The figure above was generated with

    sfspike n1=1000 k1=300 | sfbandpass fhi=2 phase=y| sfmatplotlib plot title="Welcome to Maagascar" grid=y linewidth=3 format=png > figure.png

    Futher enhancements are possible.

  • sfpgreywfl is a script contributed by Carlos da Costa that uses matplotlib for plotting a seismic wavefiels overlaid on the velocity model.

    The figure above was generated with

    sfpgreywfl < wavefield.rsf bg=velocity.rsf wflcmap=seismic title="Wavefield" barlabel="Velocity (m/s)" tmin=0.08 savefile=figure.gif