sfseislet implements the 2-D seislet transform.

The seislet transform theory is descibed in the paper Seislet transform and seislet frame.

The following example from fpwd/teapot shows a 3-D seismic image before and after a seislet transform in the inline direction.

To perform the forward seislet transform, run sfseislet with the flag adj=y. To run the inverse transform, use adj=n. In a confusing choice of parameter names, inv= does not control the direction of the transform but the type of the weighting function used. Another control is provided by unit=.

A required auxiliary input is the dip field specified by dip=. If the dip was estimated using plane-wave destruction (sfdip), the order= parameter should be the same.

Different types of the seislet transform (specified by type=) correspond to different types of the corresponding digital wavelet transform. The choices are haar, linear, and biorthogonal.

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