sfmig2 implements 2-D prestack Kirchhoff time migration.

The program is using triangle antialiasing filters.

J. F. Claerbout, 1992, Anti Aliasing: SEP-73, Stanford Exploration Project, 371-390.

D. E. Lumley, J. F. Claerbout, and D. Bevc, 1994, Anti-aliased Kirchhoff 3-D migration: SEG Annual Meeting, Expanded Abstracts, 1282-1285.

The following example from sep/aal/gulf shows migration applied to a near-offset section from the Gulf of Mexico.

The amount of antialiasing is controlled by antialias= parameter.

A half-derivative waveform-correction filter (rho filter) is applied and is controlled by rho= parameter.

The program has an adjoint flag adj= and can be used as a linear operator. The default value adj=y corresponds to migration, adj=n corresponds to modeling (demigration).

An additional required input is vel= (time-migration velocity). An optional output is gather= (common-offset image gathers).

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