A new paper is added to the collection of reproducible documents: Ground-roll noise attenuation using a simple and effective approach based on local bandlimited orthogonalization

Bandpass filtering is a common way to estimate ground-roll noise on land seismic data, because of the relatively low frequency content of ground-roll. However, there is usually a frequency overlap between ground-roll and the desired seismic reflections that prevents bandpass filtering alone from effectively removing ground-roll without also harming the desired reflections. We apply a bandpass filter with a relatively high upper bound to provide an initial, imperfect separation of ground-roll and reflection signal. We then apply a technique called ‘local orthogonalization’ to improve the separation. The procedure is easily implemented, since it involves only bandpass filtering and a regularized division of the initial signal and noise estimates. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the method on an open-source set of field data.