Working workshops” as opposed to “talking workshops” are meetings where the participants work together (possibly divided into pairs or small teams) to develop new software code or to conduct computational experiments addressing a particular problem. Working workshops are a cross between scientific workshops and coding sprints or hackathons common among open-source software communities.

26 participants from 11 different organizations gathered at Rice University at the end of July and beginning of August for the Second Madagascar Working Workshop, hosted by The Rice Inversion Project. The topic of the workshop was parallel high-performance computing. The participants divided into teams of 2-3 people by pairing experienced Madagascar developers with novice users. Each team worked on a small project, creating examples of parallel computing or improving general-purpose tools such as sfmpi, sfomp, and (newly created) sfbatch.

The participants used Stampede, the world’s seventh most powerful supercomputer, provided by the Texas Advanced Computing Center, for their computational experiments.