Australia’s population is smaller than the population of Texas, yet Australia’s surface area is more than ten times larger than Texas. Australia is not only one of the top ten countries by proven natural gas reserves (the full list is Iran, Russia, Qatar, Turkmenistan, USA, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Algeria, Australia) but also one of the top ten countries in visits to the Madagascar website (the full list is USA, China, Canada, UK, Brazil, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, France, Australia).

The Madagascar school in Melbourne, Australia, took place on August 15 and was organized by Jeff Shragge from UWA as a workshop at the 2013 ASEG-PESA meeting. The school attracted nearly 20 participants who listened to presentations and worked through interactive exercises. Jan Stellingwerff from dGB demonstrated the Madagascar interface in OpendTect. The school materials are available now on the website.