A well-attended workshop Reproducibility in Computational and Experimental Mathematics was hosted by ICERM in Providence, Rhode Island, on December 10-14, 2012, and continued the previous sequence of workshops and special sessions devoted to computational reproducibility.

The workshop participants developed a set of recommendations for changing the culture of computational research in favour of openness and reproducibility.

The main recommendations that emerged from the workshop discussions are:

  1. It is important to promote a culture change that will integrate computational reproducibility into the research process.
  2. Journals, funding agencies, and employers should support this culture change.
  3. Reproducible research practices and the use of appropriate tools should be taught as standard operating procedure in relation to computational aspects of research.

Madagascar was presented among different tools available to aid in the effort. For more information, see the Huffington Post article by David Bailey and Jonathan Borwein, two of the workshop co-organizers.