Day: January 29, 2012

Reproducible research in Seismic Unix

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Open Data/Open Source: Seismic Unix scripts to process a 2D land line by Karl Schleicher is an example of a reproducible paper created with Seismic Unix. It is also a unique example of generating a full processing sequence with a publicly-available dataset, from field data to the final image. Work is under way for generating more examples and for translating the processing flow from SU (suproj) to Madagascar (proj).

Elusive Goal

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Scientists’ Elusive Goal: Reproducing Study Results , an article published on the first page of the Wall Street Journal, describes the crisis of scientific reproducibility in bio-medical research.

Many of the issues described in the article sound familiar.

…Reproducibility is the foundation of all modern research, the standard by which scientific claims are evaluated. In the U.S. alone, biomedical research is a $100-billion-year enterprise. So when published medical findings can’t be validated by others, there are major consequences…

…There is also a more insidious and pervasive problem: a preference for positive results…

…Some studies can’t be redone for a more prosaic reason: the authors won’t make all their raw data available to rival scientists…

Geophysical research does not affect human lives directly but its quality can suffer from non-reproducibility in very much the same way.