The Madagascar project has been registered with Ohloh in order to get free code metrics. Visit the Madagascar code analysis page on Ohloh to find out many things, such as: what types of software licenses besides GPL 2+ are in Madagascar; how many non-blank, non-comment lines are written in each programming language; and to see an evolution of the total number of lines over time! Apparently we have more than 152 000 lines of C. Awesome.
Especially nice and encouraging is the graph with the steady growth of number of source code lines over time. According to Ohloh: “It’s generally a good sign to see sustained, constant activity over a long period of time. This means that people are continually updating it (fixing bugs and/or improving features), and that the project has staying power.” The official Ohloh assessment about Madagascar is: “Mature, well-established codebase; Large, active development team”.
Ohloh also lets enthusiastic users vote for the package, so that popular packages become even more visible! Vote today so that we get even more users and developers, even more bug reports, documentation and contributions, and overall a more useful package!