Several new Scons features are added to help in the development:

  • In the project SConstruct files, it is possible now to use the full name of a program (i.e. “sfwindow”) as well as the abbreviated name (i.e. “window”). Using the full name is handy when copying and pasting from or to the command line. Using the abbreviated (no-prefix) name saves some typing. Thanks to LIPS for the suggestion!
  • A new rule “scons result.flip” runs “xtpen Fig/result.vpl /locked/figures/result.vpl” to flip between the new and locked figure. This is useful when detecting changes.
  • If you run “scons program.test” from RSF/book directory (i.e. “scons sfwindow.test”), it will visit all project directories where the program is used and run “scons test” in them. This is useful for “unit testing” – making sure that the program passes all tests when modified.