sfvelinv (2.1-git)
Velocity transform for generating velocity spectra and its corresponding hyperbolic modeling.

        sfvelinv < cmp.rsf > vtr.rsf adj=n niter=0 ns=nx ds=0.001 os=0.00000001 nx=ns dx=10. ox=0. robust=n perc=90. nliter=10 eps=1.

bool adj=n [y/n]
adj = 0: from velocity-domain(t,s) to cmp-gather(t,x)
adj = 1: from cmp-gather(t,x) to velocity-domain(t,s)
float ds=0.001
slowness sampling
float dx=10.
offset sampling
float eps=1.
regularization parameter for robust inversion
int niter=0
number of iterations (invoked if adj=y)
int nliter=10
number of POCS iterations for robust inversion
int ns=nx
number of slowness values
int nx=ns
number of offset values
float os=0.00000001
slowness origin
float ox=0.
offset origin
float perc=90.
threshold percentage for robust inversion
bool robust=n [y/n]
robust inversion