sfshapebin (2.1-git)
Data binning in 2-D slices by inverse interpolation.

        sfshapebin < in.rsf > out.rsf pattern=pattern.rsf pin=pin.rsf pout=pout.rsf xkey= ykey= nx= ny= xmin= xmax= ymin= ymax= x0=xmin y0=ymin dx= dy= interp=2 niter=nm nliter=1 eps=1./nd gauss=n shape=y verb=y filt1=3. filt2=filt1 head=

float dx=
bin size in x
float dy=
bin size in y
float eps=1./nd
regularization parameter
float filt1=3.

float filt2=filt1
smoothing length for shaping
bool gauss=n [y/n]
if y, use gaussian shaping (estimated from the data)
string head=

int interp=2
interpolation length
int niter=nm
number of iterations
int nliter=1
number of reweighting iterations
int nx=
Number of bins in x
int ny=
Number of bins in y
string pattern=
auxiliary input file name
string pin=
auxiliary input file name
string pout=
auxiliary output file name
bool shape=y [y/n]
if y, use shaping regularization
bool verb=y [y/n]
verbosity flag
float x0=xmin

int xkey=
x key number
float xmax=

float xmin=

float y0=ymin
grid origin
int ykey=
y key number
float ymax=

float ymin=
Grid dimensions