sfpwdix (2.1-git Mdix.c 803 2004-09-18 12:32:15Z fomels)
Convert RMS to interval velocity using LS and plane-wave construction.

        sfpwdix < vrms.rsf > vint.rsf weight=weight.rsf slope=slope.rsf vrmsout=vout.rsf niter=100 ncycle=10 rect1=1 verb=n eps=0. order=1

float eps=0.
regularization parameter
int ncycle=10
number of cycles for anisotropic diffusion
int niter=100
maximum number of iterations
int order=1
accuracy order
int rect1=1
vertical smoothing radius
file slope=
auxiliary input file name
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
string vrmsout=
optionally, output predicted vrms (auxiliary output file name)
file weight=
auxiliary input file name