sfprep4plot (3.0)
Resamples a 2-D dataset to the desired picture resolution, with antialias

        sfprep4plot inp= out= verb=n h=768 w=1024 h= w= unit=px ppi= prar=y
Only one of the h and w parameters needs to be specified.
If prar=n, no action will be taken on axis for which h/w was not specified
If prar=y and only one par (h or w) is specified, the picture will scale
along both axes until it is of the specified dimension.

string h=

string inp=
input file
string out=
output file
int ppi=
outp. resolution (px/in). Necessary when unit!=px
bool prar=y [y/n]
if y, PReserve Aspect Ratio of input
string unit=px
unit of h and w. Can be: px, mm, cm, in
bool verb=n [y/n]
if y, print system commands, outputs
string w=