sfgrey4 (3.0)
Generate movie of 3-D cube plots.

        sfgrey4 < in.rsf point1=0.5 point2=0.5 frame1=0 frame2=n2-1 frame3=0 n1pix=n1/point1+n3/(1.-point1) n2pix=n2/point2+n3/(1.-point2) flat=y scalebar=n minval= maxval= barreverse=n nreserve=8 bar= color= > plot.vpl
Requires an "unsigned char" input (the output of sfbyte).

string bar=
file for scalebar data
bool barreverse=n [y/n]
if y, go from small to large on the bar scale
string color=
color scheme (default is i)
bool flat=y [y/n]
if n, display perspective view
int frame1=0
top frame number
int frame2=n2-1
side frame number
int frame3=0
front frame number
float maxval=
maximum value for scalebar (default is the data maximum)
float minval=
minimum value for scalebar (default is the data minimum)
int n1pix=n1/point1+n3/(1.-point1)
number of vertical pixels
int n2pix=n2/point2+n3/(1.-point2)
number of horizontal pixels
int nreserve=8
reserved colors
float point1=0.5
fraction of the vertical axis for front face
float point2=0.5
fraction of the horizontal axis for front face
bool scalebar=n [y/n]
if y, draw scalebar

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