sfgdpen (4.0)
vplot filter for LibGD.

        sfgdpen colormask= red= green= blue= aspect= ppi= n1= n2= delay=10 bitrate=400000 mono=n endpause= cachepipe= shade= wantras= window= frame= overlay= invras= txsquare= serifs= background= redpow=1.0 greenpow=1.0 bluepow=1.0 dither= greyc=1.0 pixc=1.0 txfont= txprec= txovly= xcenter= ycenter= patternmult=1. pause=0 fatmult= rotate=0 txscale=1.0 mkscale=1.0 dashscale=1.0 scale=1.0 xscale=1.0 yscale=1.0 xshift=0. yshift=0. xwmax= ywmax= xwmin= ywmin= fat=0 bgcolor= type= erase= break= interact= style= size=

float aspect=
aspect ratio
bool background= [y/n]

string bgcolor=
background color (black,white,light,dark)
'light' and 'dark' cause the background to be transparent (in PNG and GIF)
int bitrate=400000
MPEG bitrate
floats blue=
float bluepow=1.0

string break=

bool cachepipe= [y/n]

bools colormask=
float dashscale=1.0

int delay=10
animation delay (if type=="gif" or "mpeg")
int dither=
dithering to improve raster display, see "man vplotraster"
0 No dither,
1 Random Dither
2 Ordered Dither
3 Minimized Average Error Method
4 Digital Halftoning
bool endpause= [y/n]

string erase=

int fat=0
base line fatness
float fatmult=

bool frame= [y/n]

floats green=
float greenpow=1.0

float greyc=1.0
"grey correction" modifies the grey scale used to display a raster to simulate the nonlinearity of displays, see "man vplotraster"
string interact=

bool invras= [y/n]

float mkscale=1.0

bool mono=n [y/n]
no color
int n1=

int n2=
image size
bool overlay= [y/n]

float patternmult=1.

int pause=0

float pixc=1.0
"pixel correction" controls alteration of the grey scale, see "man vplotraster".
float ppi=
pixels per inch
floats red=
float redpow=1.0

int rotate=0

float scale=1.0

bool serifs= [y/n]

bool shade= [y/n]

string size=

string style=

int txfont=

int txovly=

int txprec=

float txscale=1.0

bool txsquare= [y/n]

string type=
image type (png, jpeg, gif, mpeg)
bool wantras= [y/n]

bool window= [y/n]

float xcenter=

float xscale=1.0

float xshift=0.

float xwmax=

float xwmin=

float ycenter=

float yscale=1.0

float yshift=0.

float ywmax=

float ywmin=