sffiglist (3.0)
Compare Vplot files in Fig and Lock directories

        sffiglist figdir= lockdir= list= show= rsftest=n copy=n
Parameter figdir is path to Fig directory, default is ./Fig.
Parameter lockdir is path to Lock directory:
If figdir is in $RSFSRC/book/[book]/[chapter]/[section],
then default lockdir is $RSFFIGS/[book]/[chapter]/[section].
If figdir is not in $RSFSRC/book/[book]/[chapter]/[section],
then default lockdir is $RSFALTFIGS/[book]/[chapter]/[section].

Parameter list controls files to list, default is all.
Parameter show controls files to flip with sfpen, default is none.

list|show = none No files, print only summary.
list|show = diff Files that are different, determined by sfvplotdiff.
list|show = miss Files missing from figdir or lockdir, and different files.
list|show = all All files.

File list codes:

space indicates files that are the same.
- indicates file in lockdir that is missing from figdir.
+ indicates extra file in figdir that is missing from lockdir.
number is return code from sfvplotdiff indicating different files.

bool copy=n [y/n]
copy different figs from figdir to lockdir?
string figdir=
fig directory, default = ./Fig
string list=
how much to list [none,diff,miss,all], default = all
string lockdir=
lock directory, default = lock counterpart of figdir
bool rsftest=n [y/n]
write .rsftest file?
string show=
how much to show [none,diff,miss,all], default = none