sfdsr (3.0)
Prestack 2-D VTI v(z) modeling/migration by DSR with angle gathers.

        sfdsr < in.rsf > out.rsf velocity=vel.rsf velz=velz.rsf eta=eta.rsf inv=n eps=0.01 depth=n na=1 da=90. nt= dt= t0=0. nh= dh= nz=nt dz=dt vel= vz=v0 n=0.0 nw=nt2/2+1 rule= arule=

string arule=
angle gather rule
float da=90.
angle sampling (in degrees)
bool depth=n [y/n]
if true, depth migration
float dh=
Offset sampling (for modeling)
float dt=
Sampling of time axis (for modeling)
float dz=dt
Sampling of depth axis (for migration, if no velocity file)
float eps=0.01
Stabilization parameter
string eta=
auxiliary input file name
bool inv=n [y/n]
If y, modeling; If n, migration
float n=0.0
Constant eta (if no velocity file)
int na=1
number of angles
int nh=
Number of offsets (for modeling)
int nt=
Length of time axis (for modeling)
int nw=nt2/2+1
Maximum number of frequencies
int nz=nt
Length of depth axis (for migration, if no velocity file)
string rule=
phase-shift interpolation rule (simple, midpoint, linear, anisotropic, dti)
float t0=0.

float vel=
Constant velocity (if no velocity file)
string velocity=
file with velocity (file with velocity (auxiliary input file name))
string velz=
auxiliary input file name
float vz=v0
Constant vertical velocity (if no velocity file)

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