sfbooklist (3.0)
List properties of Madagascar example book directories.

        sfbooklist levels=3 list= timer= rsfproj= size=1024**2 uses= nofetch=y public=n private=n local=n command= skipfile=
Scan a directory tree (or list of directory trees) to a given depth,
inventory the contents, and optionally execute a command in each leaf.

The inventory and optional command occurs only at the specified depth
(default 3), not the intervening depths. Directories named .svn are
skipped. Only directories containing an SConstruct file are listed or

Optional directory filters controlling inventory or command execution
may be specified based on existence of .rsfproj file, sf programs used,
type of external data required, and total rsf data-file size of the
completed example. A an optional input text file may also be specified
containing a list of examples to skip.

The optional command is executed in /bin/sh.

Examples (from within $RSFSRC):

sfbooklist book # inventory of book
sfbooklist levels=2 book/geostats # inventory of book/geostats
sfbooklist command=scons book # build examples with default filters
sfbooklist size=5 command=scons book # build examples smaller than 5MB

string command=
command to execute in each directory, default = none
int levels=3
directory search depth
string list=
how much to list [all,filter,none], default = all
bool local=n [y/n]
fetch-local-data filter
bool nofetch=y [y/n]
fetch-no-data filter
bool private=n [y/n]
fetch-private-data filter
bool public=n [y/n]
fetch-public-data filter
string rsfproj=
rsfproj filter [yes,no,both], default = yes
int size=1024**2
max data size filter (MB)
string skipfile=
file with list of directories to skip
string timer=
output execution time [log,file,none], default = none
string uses=
uses filter, default = any