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Field recording geometry

Jon Claerbout

The basic equipment for reflection seismic prospecting is a source for impulsive sound waves, a geophone (something like a microphone), and a multichannel waveform display system. A survey line is defined along the earth's surface. It could be the path for a ship, in which case the receiver is called a hydrophone. About every 25 meters the source is activated, and the echoes are recorded nearby. The sound source and receiver have almost no directional tuning capability because the frequencies that penetrate the earth have wavelengths longer than the ship. Consequently, echoes can arrive from several directions at the same time. It is the joint task of geophysicists and geologists to interpret the results. Geophysicists assume the quantitative, physical, and statistical tasks. Their main goals, and the goal to which this book is mainly directed, is to make good pictures of the earth's interior from the echoes.